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"I recently completed a standalone HTML 5 app for in-house use, and was a bit horrified to note that it came in at over 3000 lines of Javascript code (with no libraries). Then I noticed that a colleague had included, in a related project, a single third party library comprising more than 17,000 lines"

now you know how to separate the "real programmers" from the "script kiddies" and the "wannabes".

it's also why I don't like "someone's 3rd party library" - they rarely do what I want, the way I want it, or else need too many hacks and take FOREVER to master. By the time I've mastered "someone's 3rd party library" well enough to complete the code, I could've written the entire thing myself, made it do what I want, and done it RIGHT. And then played a bunch of video games, and then gone on vacation, and after coming back from vacation, a comparable dev effort using that 3rd party library would STILL be going on and on and on into a quagmire. Seen it before, in many contexts. And it's not "NIH", it's the practicality of getting things DONE.

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