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Javascript is "teh cancer" of "teh intarwebs"

(humorous mis-spellings in topic intentional, you're welcome)

Point is, I really hate having to re-re-re-re-re-re-download "the freshest copy" of some monolithic ginormous javascript library that sits "out there" on a content delivery server, one that a zillion lazy web developers [ab]use to create their "content" every! freaking! time!, *JUST* to view search results. It wastes my time having to wade through all of that.

And if you try to MANAGE THE CHAOS by using 'noscript', you're sometimes getting hit up with the "you cannot view the content, you're using an ad blocker" page. Thanks, Forbes dot com.

well, complaining without a solution is just complaining. SO...

The Solution: stick to REGULAR HTML (with only MINIMAL scripting, and ONLY when ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY) to provide the content. I do. It works.

[It's amazing what '<table>' can do for you, if you hand-code the HTML for it]

-or- (more appealing to the inexperienced coders, perhaps)

The Alternate Solution: get W3C to add to the HTML spec the most popular 'web features' that those monolithic ginormous scripting libraries do, WITHOUT scripting things to do it. Then fix the web pages to use them.

[Lazy web devs, relying on 'JQuery' and other similar libraries, are responsible for this java-scripting nightmare from hell. I'm sure of it! "" is 276k!]

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