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Bloat is everywhere, go big or go bust

Look around, everything is bloated. Set up a new file in, say Word, like a good office drone. Let it have your company's little stationary logo of about 10kB. Now add a couple of paragraphs, just a single page. Save to docx.

How large is this document? Expectation: a whopping 80-120kB, because of all the docx overhead and the little picture and stuff.

Actually, it is more likely to be around 500kB. For a single page of text.

I guess this is according to the infinite growth paradigm or something. Everything must grow and expand, use up more resources, bigger and bigger, to keep the system alive.

By any account, in 10 years your little "S'up mate?" Whatsapp message will require several megabytes of data.

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