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Perhaps time for a browser extension that detects when the knock on effects of a single page exceed 10MB and puts up a message saying "Fuck Me! This web page is a bloated abomination written by a total idiot! Aborting page load and adding this domain you your ad-blocker list, before your monthly data allowance is pissed into the ether.".

And yes, I'm serious about the message, which is why I've set the limit at 10MB. Despite that absurdly large threshhold, I'm sure it would catch a few. Alternatively, if script exceed displayed content by more than 100KB, trigger a similar warning. (Actually, the weak point in this plan is the "extension" bit. Until browsers start protecting end-users in this way *by default*, the more moronic fraction of the web designer population isn't going to get it.)

Aside: Kudos to all those web authors who have chipped in on the side of users here. Your efforts, however futile, are much appreciated.

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