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It's even worse if you use their "Accessibility page". You get limited choices, then to add insult to injury they limit the search results to *ten* per page. If your search results in umpteen thousand hits, there's no way to display anything more or less than the default, no way to jump to any given page (you can TRY to edit the url but it fails), so you've got no choice but to go through however many pages it takes to get to what you were REALLY trying to find.

You end up so disgusted with the "Accessible" pages that you go back to the main (normal?) one instead. It's like they *intended* to piss you off so much that you HAVE to use the normal version in order to Get Shit Done.

Yet it wouldn't be that hard to make the normal site into an Accessible one, they would just have to start LABELING their screen elements & lose the auto-trigger-on-first-reached-entry drop down menus (so it only activates on the entry selected when/if we cycle to it & hit Enter). But evidently that's too much like work, so it'll never happen. They're too busy fluffing & crufting their pretty bits to bother fixing the fact that they're busy polishing a turd to make it shiny.

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