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"Is there a way back to a saner past?"

No, basically. We are now in the gravity well of the masses who have moved in this direction because the crystalline shinies we grew in the dim light, low gravity and cool climate are now highly valued.

The entropy is rising and the environment is being terraformed. The ordered structures are cracking under the strain and require rephoenixing, which you can't buy time for. You can prey on them or you can help them, but you can't stop them. You do what all resource generating lifeforms do if you don't want to be consumed and become a part of them. You get the hell away from them.

Me? I want to work on a 'browser' that doesn't believe in a fixed UI, and can't be told how to present data. It knows how the user ingests data, and it decides the appropriate interface and presentation. Yeah, it means your computer will know all about you, all those things you don't want e.g. Google/Facebook/Amazon knowing. But, it will be *your* computer knowing, and that's the crucial difference. And I'm afraid this is the final layer, so we better get there first, because it also makes the ultimate human-mind tracker/hunter/trapper. Why do you think everyone's working on AI atm? I don't plan on ending up as an excrement-smeared VR escapism addict or something out of Steins Gate.

Wait.. ah hell.. they spiked my coffee again didn't they....

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