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Ditto to the grumpy old dialup git...

Probably at around the same time, I'd design sites to fit, in their entirety, on a single 3 1/2 inch floppy. FDDs were still ubiquitous then, so that little rule made archiving and distribution incredibly straightforward. :D I also enjoyed the test of ingenuity and efficiency, especially with larger sites. Always tested over dialup too. Clients were invariably astonished and thrilled by just how much faster (D/L and rendering) their new site was than whatever morass of crap Dreamweaver, or, heaven forbid, GoLive or M$ Frontpage/Word/Publisher had puked onto their servers previously.

I suspect it was those half baked WYSIWYG toys and the crap they spewed that laid the path to the crap we're suffering now.

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