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Chris Cartledge

The Good Old Days

Ten years ago on my RAZR flip phone I used to browse the web for cricket updates or the time of the next bus, and check my mail once or twice a day at a cost of £2.50 per megabyte, but no longer. My new phone has a battery life of minutes if internet is enabled. Flashy adverts, a pushy voice telling me I have new maill and so many other improvements mean that mobile internet is now so rebarbative, I no longer use it. If only I could configure it to be like a desktop Linux PC with no apps, no automagical voice input, no voice output, no news, no fantasy weather forecast and above all no creepy advertisements, then I might again be happy to try.

I was looking for a text only browser only earlier today but they no longer seem to exist. Neither Lynx nor Pine are available for Android. Even a simple thing like configuring Firefox not to play movies by default is only via an at your own risk page.

I like my new phone hardware apart from its fixed battery, with its fancy camera, FM radio, music store, ability to send texts and make calls, but I do not want what I get when a buy a new phone.

Where is the sense in it all? Is there a way back to a saner past?

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