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Bloat on the web?

No shit Sherlock.

When even the best of them wrap ~2Kb of Content in over 2MEGS of cruft, is there ANY wonder why the shit is slow? Between all the tracking, scripting, third party loaded crap, & various widgets falling out the arse, by the time the *Content* gets loaded we've forgotten why the fuck we've arrived.

Look at this very page delivering this article. How much does it equate to if you Select All, Copy, & Paste it into a plain text document? Now tell your browser to Save As Plain Text. Notice anything funny? Now save it as a single page "Web Archive" & compare the sizes again. Shocking isn't it? For a real head shaker, tell your browser to Save As a complete web page, images & all, THEN go check the total size of the results. And if you have a cellular internet connection where you pay for what you download, that shit adds up REAL fekkin fast.

Now how much of that download is ads that YOU have just paid to be force fed? And the advertisers wonder why the hell we block them?

WebDevs need to reevaluate how they do this job. I know it's not easy, but if your backside were as big & bloated as your code, they don't make circus tents big enough to fit them.

Put your code on a diet, deliver smaller, lighter, faster loading pages that don't take so damned long to render. Just because we HAVE a computer with gigs of RAM doesn't mean the browser should USE it all to render your page.

You'd be right chuffed if your auto mechanic told you that since your car COULD hold a few hundred kilos in the boot, they were going to store their entire tools chest in there "just in case" it broke down. What's that, you don't NEED all your tools in the trunk? Too bad. Your mechanic said that's the way it is, so YOU can just shut the fek up & deal with the reduced gas mileage, wear & tear on the tires, & loss of boot space.

See how stupid that is? Yeah. It's pretty bad when the BLIND GUY can see just how screwed up it is, donchyathink?

=-/lead in it to

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