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Improve boot times? PUHLEASE! If (IF!) I turn off a system (which is a rare event) it takes less than 1 minute to boot. The servers haven't been off-line for more than a year, so I might save perhaps close to 2 minutes out of the 525 600 minutes in a year? That is NOT a reason for such a massive shift in how things are done.

Logging integrity? Never had an issue with the integrity of the logs. Answer this: "How do BINARY log files improve things"? I now need a special tool to read them so how is my life as a sys-admin somehow improved by this?

What exactly what are the "bunch of other things" you refer to?


<sarcasm>Whose brilliant idea was it to disable /var/log/messages in Mint</sarcasm>? You can (still) re-enable it... BUT IT SHOULDN'T BE DISABLED IN THE FIRST PLACE! Having a console window open with a tail -f /var/log/messages showing you what's complaining as you troubleshoot a problem is incredibly useful. Disable it by default? WTF? Did they think no one would notice? They certainly didn't advertise the change... that knowledge comes the first time you need to check the log. Surprise! Its not there. Oh! perhaps they were aiming their product at the people who rely on folks like me to fix their PC,... and one of the first things people like me want to do is check /var/log/messages!


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