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In this respect, just as with LVM snapshots - you can only snapshot whole partitions.

that's not correct. In ZFS you can create multiple (nested or independent) filestems within single pool, and snapshot then separately. You can also create multiple independent volumes (block devices) and also snapshot them independently - these can be used to host other filesystems, while providing them with snapshotting and checksumming features implemented in the underlying block device i.e. ZFS.

However native ZFS filesystems is often a better match for snapshotting, since it allows you to run a regular text diff against old and new files (old files are automatically mounted as read-only filesystem, as you access .zfs/snapshot hidden subdirectory). Very useful for /etc directory, if you are running ZFS on root filesystem. Oh as I wrote above, this /etc directory could be a separate filesystem with its own as-often-as-you-wish snapshots and filesystem options, without the need to create new ZFS pool (with data partitions etc).

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