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I've found that in all cases it is possible to get better than the quoted MPG figures driving any car.

I'm interested that the guy says that he is getting 40MPG from a diesel Peugeot 3008, as I am getting a regular 45 MPG from a petrol SUV, that is quoted as 50MPG by the maker. I can drive it to get better than 50MPG if I am careful, and choose a warm day, start with the engine warm and my journey encounters no conflicting traffic to mess things up.

And there is no such thing as "real world" mpg, because everybody has a different "real world". The official figures are just fine if your expectations are realistic. A car that is quoted as 50MPG can do 50MPG or more. But it won't get 50MPG on a minus 5C morning in heavy stop start traffic on hilly roads, it will be more like 35MPG. Well duh, imagine that! All those evil dishonest car makers telling us lies.....

I really don't understand why people have such a problem with the quoted MPG figures.

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