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Re: Phsyical line: 780/200, with a throughput of .3mbps

The VDSL? BTB. Line is 1,820metres (6,200 to the exchange, 1.8K to the VDSL cab), and is part copper, then aluminium, then copper.

Today was a good example. Ping to (say) 42ms. 42ms, 850ms, 700ms, 800ms..

Engineer ("Dave", one of our local Dave engineers, who I'm used to working with) has now sent the line back with "service unacceptable, CRS line" basicly "allow client to cancel with no penalties, we can't supply service on this contract"

The Adsl? Demon, but wouldn't matter. Line was 7,100 metres to the exchange. Doesn't matter who you get at that range, unless the line is close to perfect, it's going to be pretty crap.

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