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The DSE of yore...

... is sadly missed. The Gits' first DVD player came from the Electronic Dick. It died only a few short weeks after purchase. The replacement offered was a newer, better and cheaper model. The shop assistant refunded the price difference.

Our first flat panel TV also came from DSE. It was listed at $AU699 so The Git offered $AU650 and the offer was accepted. At the till, the assistant asked if it was OK to only charge $AU600!

That TV died a few weeks ago, so The Git decided to purchase a refurb Soniq. Soniq suggested he purchase it from JB HiFi rather than wait for delivery from interstate. JB HiFi quoted $AU 60 more than Soniq and it was to take 10 days to be available for pick-up from JB HiFi's store. Soniq delivered to The Gits' door four business days from purchase.

DSE nearly always accepted a lower than asking price offer. When they weren't allowed to discount an item, they could usually offer an accessory at a heavily discounted price. Unlike Hardly Normal, they were a pleasure to do business with.

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