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New Shiny Phenomenon

There's a huge problem in the software industry. I call it the "New Shiny Phenomenon". Developers that are absolutely brainwashed that software needs a continuous life cycle. The reality is if software is functional and the users aren't complaining you should leave it alone and devote your time to something else. Just because it's old does not mean it's bad.

A good example of this is systemd. For decades systemv init worked perfectly fine and all of a sudden it was decided that this underpinning of Linux was legacy and needed to be replaced. A huge amount of wasted effort was put into place to replace a system that worked fine before. Effort that could have been spent making something else.

This really comes from developers that lack ideas and vision. Instead of setting their sights on new uncharted territory they play the power trip game and rewrite perfectly good software and attempt to grab political power in the process.

These developers are destructive and self serving and contribute nothing to the end user. Exactly what ground breaking problem did Lennart Poettering solve by reinventing the wheel?

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