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> The movie should be paused every time someone is using its phone, people will take care of the offender in no time!

We have a wonderful and rather old fashioned cinema where I live - I was there only last night with my good lady. It's a shame that it often only has small numbers in while people go and pay more to use the faceless and dull multiplex in the next town. It has been known for the film to pause and a member of staff to tell a group of unruly kids to behave or leave.

But as pointed out above, they typically only have 2 members of staff - both multitasking. When it's time for the program to start, front of house drops to one person selling tickets and selling nibbles while the other person nips up to start the film. Then during the interval (something else the boring multiplex doesn't have) there's a delay while the projectionist gets downstairs to man the counter - the other person doing the traditional tray of icecreams bit.

They still had the old arc-lamp projector until not all that long ago - then one day I walked past and looked in the skip, and there it was in little bits.

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