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Every so often, you think things are shit, then something comes along like "Managed COBOL" and you realize how narrowly you missed a bullet.

Managed COBOL is a hell of a lot nicer than native COBOL, and managed OO COBOL with the new concise, portable syntax is a hell of a lot nicer than procedural COBOL. And sometimes there's a benefit to being able to compile the same sources for CLR and JVM.

Frankly, I'd far rather maintain a managed-COBOL codebase than a C++ one. There's a nice language hidden in C++, but almost no one has the discipline and knowledge to use it.

(Edit: I'm talking about the MF-brand managed COBOL. I don't have much experience with the Acu product line, and I've never used Fujitsu's managed COBOL.)

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