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Meh. I like making tasty curries from scratch, and whilst I could finely chop my onions, and grind my spices in a pestle and mortar, the £25 I spent on a mini food processor and a specialised spice grinder definitely is worth it in terms of my time and effort. My (retired) parents make fresh bread overnight each day, easier and tastier than driving 20 minutes to the nearest shop/baker.

I don't have them now, but we definitely loved the sodastream and our toasted sandwich maker when were kids (the 80s equivalent of the panini press).

If you use it, it is useful. If you get it because you think it might be useful or it will change your lifestyle, it definitely sits in the drawer, doubly so if they are gifts. I don't and probably never will make buckwheat smoothies for breakfast, my sister swears by them and so we all got them as gifts over the years. Mine has never even come out of the box..

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