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"The customers think me and my employer are slow-moving dinosaurs."

Here is the nub of your issue, the image your employer projects to it's customers. I suggest you need to take this up with your employer because unless they address this, they will not be asked to bid for the development of the replacement system...

I suspect Fujitsu, among others, are realising that the downsizing fad of the late 1990's didn't actually solve the 'legacy' software issue. Yes, it got rid of a lot of mainframes and the code and DBMS got refreshed, but there is much in business and government that doesn't change particularly fast and so this 'new' software has quietly done it's job and 20 years have gone by...

What amuses me is that a projection I made in 1997, about the viability of the mainframe platform was largely correct, namely, the commodity Unix/Windows platform with it's rapid rates of innovation and change was inappropriate for these long lived systems; there is a real business reason why the IBM mainframe maintained software compatibility back to the 1960's...

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