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As somone who trained as a COBOL programmer over 40 years ago, the main feature of the language was that you didn't have to know anything about computers to program in it.

As the name says, it is a business orientated language.

You write things describing simple real world actions like adding, subtracting, moving data - things that can map to paper based systems. So no computer science graduates required.

Then again, it ran on huge mainframes and anyone wanting to get down and dirty with low level languages tended to be re-educated with the clue stick.

I soon moved to more technical areas because COBOL programming quickly became deadly dull (also I don't seem to have the mind set to enjoy doing one thing for long periods, so I didn't stick to programming either).

My mind is still being boggled by the concept of "Managed COBOL as part of .Net". I am an unemployed COBOL programmer but this is by choice. Work is so last decade.

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