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> I kept going back for a time, but eventually they lacked anything that I found interesting

That is freaking ridiculous. Entirely true, but freaking ridiculous.

The opportunities for aspiring geeks today are massive. From Arduino to drones, mesh WiFi devices, NFC activated automation and other IoT Pfaff, even computer controlled Christmas lights would have been a natural fit for their former self.

There was never a need for them to sell TVs. Their stores could only physically fit 2 or 3 options for each size. Go in looking for say a 40" and you would get a choice between a who knows what home brand with crap refresh rate and colour reproduction for cheap or some 4K 3D smart panel with a curve for about 8x the price. With only so much room in most their stores it was always going to struggle against good guys, JB or Harvey on selection.

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