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Suppliers winning disputes

"Reports also suggested the supplier won its £700m legal dispute with the NHS in 2014 over the cancelled National Programme for IT contract. "

There's such a thing as a "pyrhic victory", even when the spec was incompetently set in the first place.

Taking on a contract you know can't possibly work as specified, then charging enormous overages making it work beyond the (non-working) spec is one way to make a short term profit - but when someone else comes in, starts over on the resulting clusterfuck and does a working system for half your final costs (or 1/10 in some cases I've seen), you're not going to win any repeat business from the organisation concerned - or new business from anyone else watching from the sidelines - especially if you take your customer to court for payments on a system which didn't actually work and had to be binned. Such things get attention and you can only do stuff with a handshake on a golf course (or by using backhanders(*)) so many times.

(*) I'm not accusing Fujitsu of this, but I've seen a large number of contracts won by the company that does the most wining and dining of senior management, instead of on technical and cost grounds.

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