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Kids these days have absolutely zero idea how electronics work

That isn't entirely true, and I am not sure it's that much worse than 40 years ago.

When I got into electronics as a kid in the 70s that was because I found I had an interest in it. There were electronic component shops and mags around but I suspect mostly serving an older generation. I don't think electronics as a hobby was quite as widespread amongst the younger generation at the time as we tend to recall now.

Electronics has become more digital than analogue but there are plenty of schools interfacing analogue sensors, LEDs, motors and servos to microcontrollers in Design and Technology and other STEM courses, building micro-mouse robots and the like. And that's been going on for many years, long before the Raspberry Pi arrived.

It's true; most people aren't into electronics, but I recall it was the same when I was a kid.

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