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Virulent disease won't be stopped by AMC!

This shows we haven't yet reached the tipping point, but we've all got stories about the obsessive-compulsive disorder of "smartphoneitis" and how it affects the sufferers, and I still wonder if it's just a matter of time before the entire world is infected, at which point, companies like AMC will have to start throwing people out who complain about smartphone use... and not just in cinemas.

Last year we took our mum to see "Warhorse", the hyped stage production of a war story featuring horses. I sat next to someone who After the 3rd go, I just whispered "enough" and he snapped out of his compulsive daze, but probably his enjoyment was utterly spoiled by not being able to post up his favourite bits immediately on facebook to show what a great time he had filming warhorse.

Another time I was at the Barbican, settling down to the start of a classical music concert. One of the afflicted was 2 rows in front and had it bad. Her fingers were a blur. Even as she was preparing to switch it off she had one last check, presumably of the status of her friends sitting next to her.

The problem has got so bad that I'm typing this while driving the number 38 bus through Piccadilly Circus.

Thank goodness the government is planning for 1970s-style powercuts over the next decade. Maybe that will help save us all!

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