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No matter what conclusion this argument between Ubuntu and FSF reaches, this has nothing to do with Oracle. OpenZFS is growing business and the argument is around OpenZFS licensing. Oracle is not using OpenZFS and has nothing to do with it, they have their own closed source branched (technically, it was upstream then) by Sun before OpenZFS was created, and which they bought together with Sun.

Also, this has nothing to do with Oracle and everything to do with "software defined storage" which is often using OpenZFS (except for Oracle which does not, as explained above). Oracle is so far behind, it does not even show in the rearview mirror. You mention billion dollars, but forgot the scale - it was accumulated over 6 years. EMC alone made this much in sales over 18 months, see more here. Also, as far as software side is concerned, Oracle's ZFS is stale. Their appliances are sold on the strength of the hardware and on support contracts. Today anyone can get better performance and more features with OpenZFS and a good mix of NVMe, SSD and spinning rust - all generic. Which is what they actually are doing.

I must admit I am getting annoyed on El Reg for even mentioning Oracle in the context of this argument, and spreading bloody misinformation.

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