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Yeah there is no way an EM source could be tapped for energy

like the sun for example, there is absolute no way to tap that and wireless charging is a scam.

This electrician had exactly your problem when trying to patent it because it was immediately identified as a perpetual motion machine and his education was not sufficient to actually describe the systems involved nor say where the extra energy came from.

As to things disappearing there have been many inventions that never went anywhere for reasons other than being scams, double key encryption and electronic computing were both blocked under the official secrets act not to mention those inventions that got blocked in case they change the market too much like stainless steel razor blades or why we are still using internal combustion engines when we know how inefficient they are.

Given that our fossil fuels are still running out then being less blinkered might be a good idea, the problem with energy transfer via EM is from memory that power decreased by the square of the distance but when you don't have to pay for the initial energy then any for free is a good thing.

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