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Jane Fae

A beta product launched as finished

which site? Lukol or Kiddle? I have no probs finding smut via the Kiddle maybe you just don't have a dirty enough imagination :)

Tbh there are a whole series of problems with Kiddle. First, that it claims to offer a degree of edited search that i don't really believe. Perhaps an overclaim. Mostly, they are offering google safesearch with some filters over the top.

When first released, it had some VERY dodgy views on sexuality generally: gay, for instance, was a "bad word" was dyke, lesbian, transexual and child abuse. So, as with many such looking legitimately for info that would be helpful to them were barred from finding it...and much more severely barred than using other filter systems.

They...sorta...fixed that.

However, forget the argument about what kids SHOULD be able to see: this software promises a level of extra security to parents, which means enabling kiddle and therefore enabling the backdoor, when that was active.

So in return for a promise of extra security, kiddle was actually delivering a lot less....

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