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I "suggested" to them that they should not let the alarm be disarmed from the drivers-side key-lock, and only with the key fob, they didn't listen. They also did nothing to strengthen the metal retaining that lock cylinder in place. So basically anyone with a corkscrew can pull out the lock-cylinder through the opening, disarm the alarm and unlock the doors using a long screw-driver behind where the lock used to be, and once inside you can simply recode a blank key to the car and drive away or just disassemble and steal anything (It's not like the alarm is going to go off anymore). $500 for an alarm that can disarmed with a screwdriver and a corkscrew, quality.

I agree that being able to update the stereo would be cool, but if you think they will listen, then boy do I have a great deal a slightly used bridge you might like. I can use the money to replace the $7,000 worth of dash I had stolen because of the above flaw that has been there for 10 years.

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