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> Thanks for quoting me out of context.

You had not specified any particular context, your assertions were global in nature. You made bold statements which were uniformed and untrue.

> Did you think I was ignorant of the server and corporate based Windows offerings?


> but don't put words into my mouth.

There was nothing put in your mouth by anyone other than you. You made unqualified assertions without limitations that were patently false. You are now attempting to add qualifications and claiming it is other's fault that you were 'misunderstood'.

You can go blue in the face and stamp your little feet but some copies of Windows 10 are being paid for with subscriptions and others pay for Windows 10. In neither case is it 'always free'. Microsoft have stated the the 'free upgrade for existing W7, and W8.1 users (with exclusions)' would only last for one year. _Nobody_, not even Microsoft, knows for sure what will happen after that year ends, regardless of your claims.

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