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The "flugliness" of TIFKAM (The Interface Formerly Known As Metro) is really remarkable. It's not just that it's touch-oriented and is thus terribly out of place on a regular PC. My Android tablet is touch-oriented, but the UI is far more attractive than TIFKAM. It seems that MS has had maximum ugliness as the design goal; if that's true, they've succeeded.

As you note, TIFKAM is excessively fat-finger friendly, with comically oversized controls and buttons. It's clearly meant for tiny screens, and as such, it keeps on-screen controls and options to a bare minimum, requiring a lot of drilling down through levels of menus to get to anything important. On a PC with a 25 inch monitor, that's just ridiculous. It's a poor use of the screen space, and is visually, ergonomically, and intuitively inferior to the traditional Windows interface.

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