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This is exactly what I can foresee happening, Programs or Apps being only installable via the Windows Store locking out all Downloadable installations so forcing the remaining incumbents to use the Store or be locked out of Windows sales and being forced to pay a percentage of the sale to MS for the privilege ! All this in an effort to protect users from malware and viruses whether they want to be or not (Yeah right, they just want a percentage of all the Windows software sales from all software devs for the privilege of creating software on a MS platform by forcing it all through themselves - pay up or f**k off is what they will be saying !)

I bet they will soon be saying, no of course you will be allowed to download from any source and install and then change their mind sorry but in hindsight we made a terrible mistake and think that it is better all round to only installations via the MS Store or Windows Updates as this is the best way to protect the user, meanwhile software devs have migrated to Linux where freedom still exists and no telemetry malware and Spyware malware unless specifically installed by the user. Time will tell as more and more Win 7 users are duped/forced into the Win 10 downgrade, especially the less tech savvy users. Even some tech Savvy ones have downgraded aswell although they usually use the excuse that they had to so, so they can fully understand and familiarize themselves with it to be useful in the future with their jobs (Sold their soul to the devil more likely !)

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