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Wade Burchette

It is all about control

One of the great things about Windows is that so many legacy programs work on it and I can put whatever program I choose to put on it. It seems to me that Microsoft wants to break that so they can control what programs you have on your computer. (P.S. Microsoft, they are PROGRAMS not applications. This is a computer, not a tablet or phone!)

Today, I downloaded a driver from HP's website for a Windows 10 computer. After I downloaded it, Win10 would not let me run it. It said the app has been blocked for security. (I do not remember the exact words, something to that effect.) That sounds good, but if Microsoft can selective block insecure programs, what else will they block in the future? "Sorry, that Firefox browser is a security risk. Use our Edge browser instead!" "Sorry, Microsoft Office 2003 is insecure. Use Microsoft Office 2016 instead!" "Dear VLC: nice software you got there. It would be a shame if it didn't run on Windows ... But don't worry, for a small yearly fee we can make sure it will run on Windows."

I still use programs and games that were made for Windows 95.

I do realize that allowing us to install anything we want also allows us to install malware and I realize that Microsoft needs to do something about security. A better approach would be if a program is flagged as possible malware would be to warn the user. You can block it from being run, but provide a clear set of steps to allow it to run. I rather deal with the risk of installing malware than with the risk of Microsoft telling me what I can and cannot install on my computer.

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