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I may be old fashioned

Well, am old fashioned!

When I buy something I like to think that,,,, I own it, if you don't buy a house you rent one, if you buy it you own it.Right?

I have bought Win 7, I would be willing to BUY say a years worth of updates and continuing service for a reasonable price per year, €50 would be reasonable ( I have Home Premium) and would give MS an income stream. If they think they can make me 'upgrade' to 10 and then think they have me by the short and curliesfor the rest of my life's updates/grades; they are wrong.

I don't want anything remotely like a walled in app supply either, Google on Android phones now want my card details to get an app from the play store, fuck'em and the same goes for what MS wants too.

The customer is supposed to be king not serf, markets should be driven by demand not by megacorps thinking they know what we should have and controlling the apps that are available to us under the guise of security or thinking they know what we want is not on and is contrary to basic consumer rights.

Security taking a back seat in this case is most likely so that when it all goes horribly wrong because of poor security they hope they can use it as a lever to force everyone into their way of thinking.

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