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Learning or just trying a different push??

So, "We forgot about the old apps", this is the single thing that really matter to the users.

Its all about the apps, not the OS guys. People don't want to sit in an OS all day long, they want to use the apps to get stuff done.

Think you've just learned that when you make it hard or block things, people say "no", its a bit like whats happening with the push to Windows 10.

My concern is that this looks like a different angle on the push to try and get stuff into the store, then to ratchet up the security and bolt the door after. So, remind me what the store is supposed to do again - other than limit my choices and give Microsoft another revenue stream by taxing the developers ??

Personally, I don't want a single store, like there isn't a single shop on the high street. I want to have the freedom to install from any vendor I choose to trust. We all know that app stores can be full of junk and false reviews, some of them even have loads of malware ridden apps too.

If I go to acme corp and download the acme corp widget tool, then I know who I'm getting the code from. I;'ll rely on reputation and AV/AM tools that I choose to decide if they look safe.

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