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"You missed the whole section about the fuel cell being for cruising only and the capacitors providing the thump."

Let's take a punt on the mass being around 300kg with driver. 60mph = about 27M/s, so the ke at that speed is about 150 * 272, 75kJ in round terms. 8.5kW will deliver that in around 10 seconds, though we have to allow for energy loss in the electronics, the motors, and rolling resistance. So I guess everybody else is right and I am wrong, the numbers do just about add up if you add in the supercapacitors. Of course, if the vehicle mass is significantly greater than my assumed 200-220kg, they won't. What started this train of thought was that my old Velo long ago had roughly the same mass as I'm guessing this thing has, and that at something over 20kW it was distinctly underpowered for modern roads.

You can't argue with physics, so I withdraw as gracefully as my perpetual grumpiness can manage.

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