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If you have a site specific local .css file for the register -- an absolute necessity IMO since the changes a year ago or so -- adding the following to it will consign this latest pointless 'innovation' to the bit bucket of invisibility:

#news_bytes div { display: none }

#news_bytes_header { display: none }

On the rare occasions I click the button to disable my local css, I'm always shocked by just how bad this site looks when viewed "as designed".

It took quite a few hours work to work up my CSS that discards all the pointless repetition; reminders for articles I've already read, or deliberately ignored; distracting ads with active content; cutesy-but-pointless oversized pictures completely unrelated to the stories to which they are attached; the oversized and meaningless 'social media' icons littered around like confetti; and a bunch of other crude that makes what is at its heart a targeted, serious news site look like the product of a script-kiddy hackathon in Las Vegas.


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