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Brits rattle tin for 'revolutionary' hydrogen-powered car

Matthew 17

I like the idea of fuelcel powered vehicles

Quick refuel, fewer batteries to lug about and recycle. No urban pollution, and if the hydrogen comes from zero carbon sources like nuclear and is transported via fuelcell powered vehicles to the pumps then you could argue the whole thing was carbon free.

However, why is there the need to make electric cars or those with an alternative drivetrain look so daft.

Just give me a Mondeo or BMW looking car and whack in a fuelcell. Someone on the Internet recently converted a Corvette to all electric and it still would do north of 150MPH as before.

But regardless, make a practical product that is of benefit to your average person and they'll buy one over the normal petrol or diesel vehicles. Doesn't need any gimmicks or daft styling.

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