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In the late 90's, company I worked for put up Tsunami 2.4Ghz transmitters in towers around Tucson, Arizona that could push a wireless signal about 5km line of sight, creating one of the first point-to-point consumer wireless connections in the country. It was done on the cheap (ok gear wasn't cheap, but the owner of said company should have bought spectrum since he was throwing money around), but we used Cisco 48 port switches with T1/T3 connections to each tower for packet traffic.

There was one important tower close to downtown that got hit with lightning literally every storm and would take it down. Credit goes to Cisco with their robust switches, we would have to go to the tower, simply move the ethernet cable over to another port, and connectivity was restored. That tower's switch would get replaced roughly every two years after it ran out of ports - owner of that tower never did figure out why it was such a lightning magnet or ever get t grounded properly. Mysteries of the Unknown shit.

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