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There were two Microsoft Word apps of "that era": 5.x and 6.x. 5.x Mac was a really nicely written piece of software; in the same vein as Mac Excel, which I preferred to any other spreadsheet on Mac.

6.x, on the other hand was awful. Whereas 5 had been written to the native Mac Toolbox, 6 abandoned this and instead ran on top of a horribly-implemented library of Windows-like UI functions. It needed more memory, more disk-space, and it ran slower and had a UI that was completely unlike its predecessor: In the end, customers complained so much that MS "de-discontinued" the old Word 5.2 for Mac.

Okay, what they were trying to do was a good thing (the core logic of Word was the same sourcecode, and so completely compatible), but the execution left a lot to be desired. But it was the late 1990s, and this kind of "cross-platform UI toolkit" thinking was everywhere.

Personally, all my engineering docs were in ClarisWorks Writer. It did numbered sections, and it did a TOC and index. What more do you need? (These were the days when "reviewing your document" still meant printing it out, and then going through the red-pen annotations with the author in person, rather than festooning the document file with rectangles of cryptic text in the right margin and emailing it back)

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