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You can't dust-proof a PC with kitchen-grade plastic food wrap

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"she was adamant repair would be cheaper than replacement"

Insurance adjusters never take warranty into account because they think they're not obliged to do provide one on the repairs.

I'm reminded of an incident with my motorcyle where a damaged plastic panel needed replacement. The adjuster insisted on repainting the entire thing. After 5 trips back to the paintshop because none of the panels had matching colours, it finally came back acceptable - and the repairers snapped one reinstalling it, so replaced with a factory item.

4 months later none of the panels were the same colour - nor did they match the factory one, so the lot went into a skip and were replaced with factory originals. Apparently the final cost was 8 times that of just replacing the damaged panels and last I heard the assessor was working in McDonalds.

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