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Currently we are in a similar sort of position, though perhaps worse. A previous head of IT had been covertly setting up the entire department for outsourcing, then when estimates of the cost of this were made known was unceremoniously told to revise the cost downwards pronto. Once or twice round the block on this one made said IT boss chuck his toys out of his pram and resign, but not before "strategic staffing reductions" had taken place.

We are currently struggling along with 30% fewer staff, some having left under a pay-off scheme and others merely scarpering for pastures greener. Worse than this, the IT management have looked upon a redundant machine room and think that converting the entire thing into one huge open-plan office will be the very thing that will turn IT around in this place.

Just for once, I'd like to see a management-led solution which achieved success by actual rational thought, not by visiting each and every crap solution before happening upon a working one by chance after the initial money has run out.

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