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You can't dust-proof a PC with kitchen-grade plastic food wrap

Aqua Marina

I was once asked by an insurance company to inspect and provide a repair report for a PC that had been struck by lightening. The PC was housed abroad in a remote location onsite, and the telegraph pole outside the building had been struck by lightning, travelled down the cable, through the modem and into the PC.

A few days later the PC arrived packaged up, From the outside it just looked like your average dirty beige box PC from the late 90's, nothing untoward. Then I opened it up. The interior was charred black. In the bottom of the case was what looked like a big pile of solidified pink porridge, as though everything inside the case had simply melted and fused together. I could never figure out the pink tho.

The follow up phonecall with the insurance company was amusing tho. I was asked if the damage was consistant with that caused by lightning strike. I was then asked to provide a quotation for repair. she was adamant repair would be cheaper than replacement. In the end I simply provided an itemised bill that listed every part within the PC, and labour. I then shipped out a new PC.

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