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"After all a higher level of responsibility is what your boss is paid for."

It's not necessarily what they do, however. A very short time into a new job I was given the project of taking an application the boss had written (have you ever seen C dressed up with macros to try to make it look as COBOL-like as possible?) for a specific client and make it into a marketable product. There were a couple of client sites already even though it really wasn't fit to use at that stage. Sales then sold it to a third site promising that it would be an exact equivalent for what they already had. A quick look showed that the way their existing package worked was so different that ours would have had to be rewritten from database schema upwards to make it look anything like the one they had.

I had a vision of being the one in the middle when the writs started flying so I went to the boss and asked for a spec of what I should be producing. I was told that was OK, whatever I produced would be the spec.

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