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Yea I almost went to the BOFH side at my last IT job too.

Eventually I hurt myself, and couldn't work at the place anymore so I quit, and honestly don't ever want to go back to IT.

You would think companies would treat the people that keep them able to do business better, and not like some dog shit they stepped in. Which in all honesty probably would get treated better then the entire IT department was at my last IT job. One of the worst parts about that job was the distance between sites one was almost 20 miles away(btw I live in a city that is rated one of the worst traffic wise in the entire US) from the other, and they expected me to basically teleport site to site with some startrek transporter... One day I snapped, and started just punching the server at one location till my hands were bleeding, and I put a pile of damn good dents in it. Boss walked over, and was like uhh man cool down I stayed like a month or 2 after . After I quit he quit 2 days later my boss quit as he couldn't take the way the dept was treated either.

I will say though at my 1st IT job it was where I learned about the BOFH as one of the employees remarked my actions reminded him of what the BOFH did. I actually did go a bit over the BOFH limit there due to stress. Using the bosses coffee mug for paint thinner, cleaning dog crap off my shoes with their eating utensils, booby trapping their PC to emit smoke when they turned it on, etc. I honestly didn't care anymore as I was getting minimum mandatory raises while people who did nothing got the max. Funny thing was after I stopped giving a damn about my job not caring if they would fire me they started treating me better lol.

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