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Seagate intros Innov8: A USB-powered 8TB external hard drive

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What has me puzzled...

is what's the heck would you use it for? I'm pretty much the poster-boy for pack-ratting reference materials, utilities (that occupy whole virtual machines of their own), and data sets. Multimedia is about the only thing I can come up with. And the whole shingling thang is problematic there, unless there's some data magic behind the scenes tailored for streamed, serial I/O on SMR. Even so, I'd have to have at least two, too terrified of losing everything when one is lost, damaged, or stolen.

Speaking of the latter case, getting through airport/customs without having the drive audited. They'd have to keep it in order to do it correctly. (How does SMR work with Full Drive Encryption?) For a long, long while.

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