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No good deed goes unpunished...

This seems to be a common thread in the stories I read here. We in IT can at times preform "miracles" that solve BIG problems. It DOES impress everyone and then the rewards happen. The "management" and sales droids get the bonuses, but the people who actually do the work get "more work" as their reward. This cycle of things leads to the stress mentioned.

Then there is another side. The "higher ups" need the "miracle" to get the sale to happen, and tell the underlings that actually do the work that they must contribute the long days and nights (forget about family) to get the job done. Well, those in the trenches slog it out and eventually the "miracle" is produced, only to have management repeat the process upon seeing how well it worked the last time.

Sanity is a wonderful thing to have. Keep it while you can.

Me? I've been through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and a couple of times when "new management" comes in to "fix things'. Found out that "fixing things" usually means layoffs in about 2 weeks (happened twice, one good, one bad!).

Life goes on, and I try to remember: "What is life but to live it!". Hopefully with a vacation day or two.

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