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I recognize SO much of my former life in this article

Really glad it worked out for the author. If this article had come along six years ago, I might still be officially in IT.

I was burnt out to the point where a "workplace violence incident" was beginning to look attractive. I mean most of us occasionally fantasize about it, a la BOFH, but I got to the point of actually starting to figure out how it could be done. It was a scary time in my head. Fortunately, I realized the danger of such thoughts and began to seek additional help. Antidepressants weren't enough any longer. I began smoking again - and a few other self-destructive behaviors. This was all further complicated by a string of bad managers who either didn't understand or didn't appreciate what I knew and what I did. Several YEARS of Performance Reviews wherein I was told "Oh, you are SO close. Push just a little harder and you can get that promotion." Even pushing a broom around the local supermarket or flipping burgers for minimum wage became viable options. Starting completely over in one's late 40's is NOT an attractive proposal but, desperate times and all...

Fortunately for me, just when all hope seemed lost, a former IT manager (now in another department) whom few of my colleagues liked but I respected immensely called me up out of the blue to ask if I was interested in "something he was working on." I asked him when I could start. He inquired if I would like to know what it was or what it paid, etc. I again asked when I could start. The details and even the pay didn't matter. This would allow me to stay in the company and therefore retain years toward pension, etc.

Six years later, I'm in Procurement doing sort of similar work to what I did before but for a smaller and more focused group who - most importantly - understand and appreciate what I do. That value of that simply cannot be overstated. I am once again happy with my job (as much as one can be in the daily grind) and with my life. For me, rescue came in the form of a lateral move within the company - offered by a former manager who remembered my talents and work ethic.

So, in summation, I echo the article author's thoughts of hang in there, seek help that works for you, and cling to those you love. You can and will survive if you persevere and you could, like me, wind up in an even better place. From one who's "been there, done that, and got scars to prove it" I say best of luck to one and all.

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