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@A K Stiles....well bollocks. :D I do not mind being corrected (although I am somewhat better when I am not writing a quick missive I don't become a dyslexic typist for a start.). However there are ways of going about it and our CEO always chooses the complete cunt option.

*This is a rant you may ignore it*

@ chivo243

If you had a reciptionist who started to lose her hair because of stress from the CEO, a CEO who phones you up in the eveing and swears downs the phone at you, one who takes any stress they have out on their staff (seriously I have seen them smiling after doing it, when they started off in a bad mood), one who lectures you on how poor they are when they are driving a car in whose replacement tyres cost more than the (poor) monthly salary of some of the staff (who are expected to be playing violins at this point), who will scream at you in front of other staff, ah man I could go on really I could but those examples should be a good start. Covering your arse does not work, if you are one of the minion crowd you are fucked. I once helped win a 3 million quid contract running a pilot project very succesfully and bringing it in with 15% more profit than asked for, and getting compliments from the board of the company we did the project for, (for a million pound turnover company thats not bad), the CEO's Brother in law, and Husband lost 40K on theirs. I was being paid 16K my pay was the brother in law got 3 pay rises that year. I haven't had a review in two years, everyone else in the place gets them. I could go on but lets stop my rant there an agree I work for massive fucking twats.

*Rant over*

Ok so after the rant you may wonder why I had not left earlier. I would say it was a combination of extreme poverty I started there after being unemployed for a year, and took it as a job on promise of training to a full PM (I had already done similar roles as project co-ordinators and project eng/tech), and so I woud be off the dole because working is better. I started on 13.5K, I spent a lot of my first couple of years struggling to have enough to live on, and was almost certainly (or definetly according to a friend) battered by work to the point of clinical depression, my get up and go got up and went. It makes it a bit hard to leave a company when your confidence is shot to shit, the economy is tits up, and you actually are sturggling finacially enough you are not sure you can even move from where you are to find a better job.

Now I realise that maybe I should have solved the problem and fucked off ASAP when I realised how bad it was and I was a bit stupid not just giving up straight away but i do not think just moving is as easy said and done for all.

Ta for the good wishes, going travelling actually, will look for a job when I return, better to be sane and risk unemployment, than carry on working for employers like mine.

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