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Thanks for sharing

Was in a similar situation, though not as severe. I remember sometimes thinking on the commute to work "what sort of disaster will I have to clean up today?". Micromanagement also made the job hell. Having to describe to senior managers the exact steps planned to resolve an issue and awaiting their approval, spending hours every day in telephone conferences. I even heard of a situation where several department managers demanded that the SAP admin share his desktop session so they could watch him clicking and typing commands. I often thought that management regarded Dilbert as a "How-To" guide.....

Was also losing my appetite and not sleeping well. I realised this was a problem, and as soon as I found a job elsewhere I was gone.

I agree with "Work to live, not live to work". I'm enjoying life again, I have time for my kids (though I'd like more).

One tip I received, and can endorse, is that if you have a work mobile phone, do not use it privately. Get a separate phone for private use. It means I carry 2 phones during the day, but when I go home, the work phone goes in the bag (on silent) and I don't take it out until I'm in the office next day.

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