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Been there twice, there'll be no third time

Of almost 20 years in IT, I have spent 10 years as an employee.

In those times, I have been "on the couch" twice, the first time when "burn out" in Germany didn't even exist. (It did not yet gain the attention it does now.)

Both times I was sacked, which is officially not possible, but with the first one I was too tired to go to court. The second company was too small, which gives such companies certain possibilities, when firing people.

By then, I had had more than enough and decided to build up my own business.

60 hours a week had been standard for years already, now, as CEO I often have weeks that are over 80hours long.

But... The money we're making is ours. We decide what we do with it, if we're investing it or not.

Employees are in for a lively discussion, if they work more than 10 hours a day. I will only accept it in emergency cases and will remind the employee to go home earlier the days after that.

And being my own boss, I can have a lie down at 2 in the afternoon. I can decide if I take the day off, If I am going to get up early or late and so on.

The responsibility for my life, the life of my family and of my employees: It is a burden and it turns quite heavy, ever so often.

But I am free. Free to decide for me, but also to decide for my employees, that they will not run into such environments like I did twice.


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